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May 22, 2017|#EducationForChange, College of Psychology|

Embracing Our Futures as Developing Leaders: The Resilience and Strengths of Young Latinas and Their Families

May 22, 2017|#EducationForChange, College of Psychology|

Jessica Moniz, Special Projects Coordinator at JFKUCCC The Latino culture has become so intertwined with American culture, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. While some indicators including language still remain to discern a difference, even those markers are being swallowed up as Latinos/as continue to assimilate into this country’s society. While America [...]

May 18, 2017|University News|

I Take a Hike

May 18, 2017|University News|

The world appears to be tipping sideways since the election. Some say it must break to be set right. I, for one, am frightened. If and when it tips, who will be broken? Cut open?   All of this hums like the refrigerator. I hear it when everything else quiets like four a.m., realizing though, [...]

Faculty Member Charles Burack Releases Third Book of Poetry

Famed artisan Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote, “Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen.” Charles Burack is a master painter, and recent release—Leaves of Light—his latest masterpiece. Drawing wisdom from nature, the poems ebb and flow like the waves that inspire them; [...]

Sport Psychology alum: What are they up to?

Brian Alexander, M.A. '15, has been writing and presenting up a storm so far this year, with numerous published blogs and articles as well as presentations for USA Water Polo athletes. As a USA Water Polo Mental Skills Coach, Brian presented at the Water Polo Coaches Association with a presentation entitled, "Learn, Plan, Perform: A [...]

Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Presents a Seminar On The Donor Lifecycle

When asked what the greatest challenge of running a non-profit is, most would answer with one word: money. The need for funds is a constant reality for most non-profits, and with time and resources at a premium, the need for efficiency is as well. Identifying and cultivating donors can be an arduous process, and it [...]

The Missing Kennedy

An evening with the author The storied Kennedy clan has a legacy as one of the most influential American families in this countries’ history. Besides giving birth to one of our nations’ most beloved and tragic presidents, the Kennedy family has held a near constant presence in congress since 1947.  Their reach and influence [...]

March 30, 2017|#EducationForChange, Events, Sport Psychology, University News|

JFKU Sport Psychology Hosts 2017 AASP West Regional Conference

March 30, 2017|#EducationForChange, Events, Sport Psychology, University News|

John F. Kennedy University's Sport Psychology is hosting the 2017 Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) West Regional Conference. The conference will provide students and professionals with opportunities to learn about current research and creative approaches to the field of Applied Sport Psychology. Presenters include several JFKU alums and professionals as well as three Keynote [...]

March 21, 2017|#EducationForChange, Events, Sport Psychology, University News|

Harlem Wizards LEAP Fundraiser

March 21, 2017|#EducationForChange, Events, Sport Psychology, University News|

Basketball fans are in for an incredible treat when the Sport Psychology program at John F. Kennedy University brings the phenomenal Harlem Wizards team to Northgate High School in Walnut Creek on April 30, 2017 for a unique afternoon of athleticism and good old-fashioned fun. Started in 1962 by New York sports promoter Howie Davis [...]

Dean Michael Graney-Mulholland Seventy Mile Solo Trek to Self Discovery

Or how to celebrate your 70th birthday in style. In September of 2016, Dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies at John F. Kennedy University, Michael Graney-Mulholland embarked on a 70-mile hike along the California Central Coast to celebrate her 70th birthday. This unique style of celebrating milestone birthdays is not unusual [...]

What Now? A Panel on Immigration Law

On February 25, 2017, the John F. Kennedy University Office of Diversity, College of Law, and Undergraduate Success Center co-sponsored an ImmigrationLaw panel discussion with the Contra Costa County Bar Association's Immigration Section. Many students, alum, faculty, and members of the community attended this two-hour panel presentation. The event was moderated by Flavio Carvalho, an [...]

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